Lavorwash Group is worldwide leader in cleaning industry since 1975 and offers a wide and complete range of cleaning machinery suitable for any kind of applications, both indoor and outdoor relying on a forty-years experience.
Over the years, Lavorwash has grown to become a specialist manufacturer of professional and household cleaning systems, acquiring various leading brands and diversifying its own range to offer innovative products of excellence.

Lavorwash Group has production plants in Italy and around the world. In Italy, our Pegognaga facility (Mantua) manufactures household and professional cleaning systems, i.e. high pressure cleaners and electrical appliances for household indoor use; our car wash systems are manufactured in Bondeno (Mantua); Milan plant produces household vacuum cleaners. High pressure cleaners and vacuum cleaners are manufactured in Brazil for the South American market; DIY high pressure cleaners are manufactured in China for the local market and export. The group stretches over more than 100,000 sqm.
The Lavorwash product range is wide and comprehensive, guaranteeing effective cleaning in every kind of situation, indoor or outdoor, domestic or commercial.


All products undergo constant improvement thanks to the company's commitment to Design and Research & Development, which draws on know-how gained over almost forty years of operation, and considers the aesthetic aspect as well as ergonomics.
Lavorwash products are simple and practical to use, effective and supremely attractive in design.


Lavorwash S.p.A. guarantees the quality of all its products, which are certified by major certification bodies such as: EC, CCC, CQC, GS, UL, TUV, KEMA, ROHS, INMETRO.
The increased space in the new premises has allowed quality control to be optimised, with the establishment of new test rooms and areas equipped with new machinery and methods appropriate for the quality control of both finished and semifinished products.


After-sales service is guaranteed worldwide: Lavorwash S.p.A. provides an efficient and expert service, with technical support centers for household and commercial products. A team of specialised technicians ready to undertake any job and find rapid solutions to potential problems.